• When I feel depressed //ENGLISH\\

         The young girl was sad. She was sitting on her chair, a bunch of class photos scattered on the table in front of her. On that same table was her computer; displaying a picture of her and her friends at the last Japan Expo they had been, in July 2013. She was clenching a shirt, a large, white shirt covered in drawings and messages. The shirt that had been given to her on her last day of school. The school where she had spent the four best years of her life. The girl sobbed and held the shirt against her heart. She was crying her soul out, felt like she had to evacuate the pain she had accumulated for all these days and months. She was sure she would feel better after that.

    But she didn’t for long.

    The girl was looking at the class photos, stroking the soft, even silky paper and remembering all these years of joy and happiness. She had lost faith now. She knew that this would never happen again. She wouldn’t feel comfortable in her new school, she actually didn’t have any friends and didn’t try to make some. She sometimes laughed, but this laugh was never natural, never natural like it used to be. In her voice were notes of sadness; in her eyes could be seen tints of regret.

    Only her best friend, whom she considered as her twin and her soul mate, and her family could bring that happy smile she used to always wear. When she as with one of them, her eyes would brighten and her laugh would become like a sweet and soft melody.

    We all have up and down periods. That girl has been, for nearly a year now, at the bottom of the abyss.

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