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  • [ Before you read this article, I would like to say that this is my personnal vision of Charlie Hebdo's attack. Don't bash on me if I have said something you might find untrue or inacceptable. No one sees what happened in the exact same way. ]

         Some people don't understand jokes. Some people don't understand irony. Charlie Hebdo maybe isn't for everyone. Some people get easily offended, sometimes by something that is supposed to make us smile, and laugh. Charlie Hebdo "made fun of" Religion- all Religions, and important politicians and people's ideals. But it is their right. Freedom of speech. France is a democracy. France is a country where everyone can express his feelings, his thoughts, and give his opinion. As I am doing right now. People, as stupid or biased as they can be, shouldn't be able to even WANT to kill someone for what he says. Especially in a country like France, which as fought for its Democracy since the Revolution.

    By using a pencil, and paper, people- people like Charlie Hebdo's crew, drew caricatures of politicians, prophets, and so on. France cannot- and has not, accepted that one should be killed for trying to make other's laugh. What happened, on this second week of 2015, is a direct attack to the French's rights and Constitution. People ar reacting, in a good or, I'm afraid to say, bad way. The whole French community has been touched by the events. Artists, journalists, authors, students, people have drawn and written about Charlie Hebdo. People all around the world are talking about it.

    The attack is France's verison of the 11th September 2001. It will be in French History school books and in everyone who witnessed it's memories. Our generation, when old, will tell this story to its grandchildren. Show pictures, drawings and articles about it. It won't be forgotten.

         People say that "by trying to kill Charlie Hebdo, the terrorists have made it immortal and invincible." I suppose they are right. Charlie Hebdo has already published a new edition of its newspaper, one week after four of its staff members died, as a proof that it still is live and strong. More than a million copies have been sold- I personnaly tried buying one, thay were all sold out at not even 9am. Charlie Hebdo's rebirth will forever stay in our hearts.

    Charlie Hebdo is now internationally known. Beijing, the USA, Europe and many more have learnt about this attack. Charlie Hebdo's drawings have been shown to everyone, put on all social media, and the people who died on that week mourned by people all around the world.

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